Summer Plans

If you haven’t read my about me section then I will tell you who I am and what my plans are for the summer.

First of all I am a Senior at Saint Mary’s University and I am my major is Graphic Design with a minor in Electronic Publishing. I am currently waiting patiently for my Italy trip.

I am a Chicago city girl and I love to explore new things that go around the city. Every year I find something new and the good thing about this is that my best friend always tags along.

This year however is a year full of traveling. As I posted in one of my earlier blogs I will be traveling to Italy pretty soon. However, that is not the only trip i will be making this year. In July I will be going to Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX. I will be visiting my grandpa and other family members. But the exciting part is that it will be the first time my family goes together to Mexico and visit their siblings!

Other than traveling, I will continue working as a waitress with Best Waiters of Chicago. This will  be my third year working for them and I am very excited to meet new people and see my old friends and catering bosses. The events I usually work for are very big and full of wealthy people. Some of the events I have worked for are “Make a Wish Foundation”, architecture firms, law firms, etc. I have also worked for birthdays, weddings, and other social events.

Something else I will be doing is hopefully looking for another job that will help me out with my future career plans. Other than that I will spend time with my close friends and family.


& The Countdown Begins…

Venice, Italy

Non ci posso credere! I cannot believe it! In 22 days I will be flying across the ocean to Italy.

Honestly I am very nervous about this trip because it is my first time going to Europe. I will be in Italy for three weeks with 2 professors and sixteen students of my university. We have been meeting every Wednesday at seven p.m, as a class, to ask questions, listen to lectures about the places we will be visiting and to go over some Italian customs, words, etc.

I am actually a bit worry about the language and not being able to understand it. However, the Italian language and Spanish language have some similarities so I feel like I might understand what they are saying. I am currently learning some Italian in class but it is just common phrases like “Buon Giorno!” and “Non Capisco” meaning “Good Morning” and “I don’t understand”. We are also learning about the Italian lifestyle and the history of the architecture in Italy such as The Colosseum, the Pantheon, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc.

Another thing I am worried about is the style of clothing. I still have not decided what to take to Italy because of the rules they have in order to enter the Vatican and other museums. We were told that we cannot show our shoulders and our knees when entering the Vatican or the churches because it is disrespectful. I know for sure I will have to go shopping before leaving to Italy and get some comfortable and appropriate clothing. I wonder if the “Fashion Police” does really point you out if you are not wearing appropriate clothing or are not in style.

Even though I am somewhat nervous, I am actually beyond excited to leave already and explore Italy. I want to actually live the life of an Italian, their lifestyle, look at the art and architecture, and even try out new food. I am ready to hike  Mt.Grappa, go water rafting, wine tasting, and even learn how to cook an Italian meal. I am not sure what else to do there or what else to see. I am hoping that my friends or whoever has been to Italy to recommend me places or food to try out while I am there.

And as I said before, Non ci posso credere! I cant wait to be in Italy!! 🙂