We Go Through a Tough Time Too!

ImageSomething that has always bugged me is the fact that people say that being an Art/Design major is a joke. I mean obviously when people ask me, “What is your major?” and I say “Graphic Design”, they right away assume that it is the easiest thing on Earth.

Well folks, it is not. Just like any other major, Graphic Design takes a lot of work and time in order to have a great or “perfect” project to show to the professor, client, or boss. And there are times where they will tell you to do it over or it is not good enough.

I, at this moment, am not out working in the field yet and have not had any on site experience, but just by the way we work in class and what my professors tell me gives me an idea of how it is going to be when I go out there. One thing for sure that I know is that graphic designers work on multiple projects at once and sometimes have critiques that we have to be part of.

I know for a fact that getting a job after college is going to be very tough. Just like any other career, there is a lot of competition and sometimes they prefer those who have some experience in the field. This is another big thing that most of my friends do not know and think that I will immediately get a job in a firm or company.

In the end every major requires hard work and dedication. If the person loves their job then they will never complain about it but instead have a great time doing what they love. I believe people should appreciate graphic designers because of their creativity and time they take to immediately come up with a new idea if one does not work out. So take in consideration the hard work they do. (:

Here are some links that have more information about myths and facts about Graphic Designers: