From Tradition to Technology


Do you remember the days of the VCR? The days where we would have to go to a library to look something up? The days where we would only communicate with our friends through landlines (strange huge phones that are connected to a house outlet)? No?

Yeah, neither do I but our parents seem to love to talk about those days. I mean to this day I don’t eve know what a VCR looks like anymore. Anyways, the children of tomorrow are here today. Technology has overrun this generation through research, communication, even music and film. A lot can and has changed in ten years with our technological advancements. We have become a different species in the eyes of our parents. We talk differently, act differently, and use devices such as cell phones, Blu-ray players, iPods, tablets that are foreign to some.

There are pros and cons about having all of these different types of technological devices. Some of the pros of having these technological devices are that people get to check the time and know if there are in time for their event or whatever they have to do that day. There have also being improvements in medicine  and how students do their work now. The cons about this are that the communication between people are just usually through their technological devices. Especially parents and their children. Usually dinner time was the time to discuss about how their day went and spent time as a family.

However, this usually does not happen anymore in many households and it is sad to say that technology has taken over families homes. Many children come home right after school and immediately go straight to a computer or use their iPod or any other technological device. Communication with their parents has gone down the drain. Other things that have fallen are the days where children would go outside to play or play boardgames instead of videogames.

What do you think can be a solution to this problem? or How can we get to communicate with our children more and know how they feel? What are ways to get our generation and those who are to come to keep up with the technology but also incorporate the good old ways of communication, boardgames, or even watch movies on the VCR?