American Dream

“A record 140,000 Latinos earned a bachelor’s degree in 2010, while 112,000 Latinos earned an associate degree, also a record-setting number, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.”

The rates of Latinos that would earned a bachelor’s degree was very low back in the days, making it seem for the ones who still had a long way to get there have less hope to even get into college. However, each year more and more Latinos end up accepting a four year college education in order to get a degree and a better paying job.

Many of these students know that what is out there is not enough to have as a job. Most jobs are actually now accepting only those who are in college or have a college degree. This is one of the reasons why many are considering having a college degree and there are others who have big dreams for not only themselves but also their family’s future.

Knowing the fact that my cousin is the first one to graduate from college is a very exciting celebration in our family. She has worked so hard during her whole four years of college in order to graduate on time and to be a role model to the rest of us in the family. She is not only a role model to us in the family but also to those in our community.

She is graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts and Education Studies with Spanish. She has had some experience teaching a class in Mexico. This summer she plans to get an internship this summer in a school to help kids meet certain objectives that the school wants them to meet.Overall, she is doing what she can by taking small steps to get to where she wants to be.

I believe that Latino students should keep themselves updated on what is going on with the graduation rates in the United States and do their the best to be part of a statistic that is making a difference in the country. Not only is this a good thing for the student but also it is an accomplishment for their family. To have someone with a degree from college and doing their best to have a better living is the “American Dream” many Latinos nowadays have.

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