Summer Plans

If you haven’t read my about me section then I will tell you who I am and what my plans are for the summer.

First of all I am a Senior at Saint Mary’s University and I am my major is Graphic Design with a minor in Electronic Publishing. I am currently waiting patiently for my Italy trip.

I am a Chicago city girl and I love to explore new things that go around the city. Every year I find something new and the good thing about this is that my best friend always tags along.

This year however is a year full of traveling. As I posted in one of my earlier blogs I will be traveling to Italy pretty soon. However, that is not the only trip i will be making this year. In July I will be going to Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX. I will be visiting my grandpa and other family members. But the exciting part is that it will be the first time my family goes together to Mexico and visit their siblings!

Other than traveling, I will continue working as a waitress with Best Waiters of Chicago. This will  be my third year working for them and I am very excited to meet new people and see my old friends and catering bosses. The events I usually work for are very big and full of wealthy people. Some of the events I have worked for are “Make a Wish Foundation”, architecture firms, law firms, etc. I have also worked for birthdays, weddings, and other social events.

Something else I will be doing is hopefully looking for another job that will help me out with my future career plans. Other than that I will spend time with my close friends and family.


Definition of a True Friend

My Best Friend and I

Karen and I in second grade (Left) and us now (Right).

“Friends come and go but family is forever.” This is a quote that I have always kept in my heart. My parents, since I was little, taught me that there are certain people who would stay in your life and there were others who would one day walk away. They also included that family should always be number one to me because they were the ones that no matter the good or bad that happened, they would always stick with me.

It wasn’t easy for me to make friends because I was shy and knew for a fact that I easily get attach to people. Also because of what my parents had told me about not trusting someone so quick kinda made me even more nervous to make friends. But everything changed one day and I knew I could trust someone with my life.

One day, in 1st grade I met this lovely girl named Karen. She loved to sing, act, and was so random and weird. We right away bonded with each other when we met and after some days began to go to each other’s house to play. We both were the favorite ones of our second grade teacher. She was like a sister to me at that time because I only had a little brother. I knew since the day I met her that I wanted her to be a part of  my life.

The sad part about this is that when I stepped into my third  grade classroom she was not there. I found out that she had transferred to another school. I, however, still had hope that she would come back one day. The days and even years went by and still no sign of her. It always crossed my mind to go to her house to see if she was there but I was scared that some stranger would answer the door. So I kept on with my life praying each day and night to one day see her again.

During my the end of my sophomore year my mom had some big news to give me. She gave me a phone number and said, “Call her, she is waiting for your call.” I was so nervous! I didn’t know how she was going to react or what I should say to her. But the call was made and we decided on a date to meet up. She lived in the same house! I was so happy to know this. Throughout the eight years that she wasn’t around had a feeling she still lived there and well she did.

This was meant to be! My prayers had been heard! I was so happy to be back with my best friend and she was so happy as well. Since that day we reunited with each other we have been inseparable and our moms even tell us that we act like sisters. I attended her high school graduation and she attended mine. We have been to each other’s family parties. In good and bad situations we have been there for each other. We don’t judge each other but instead tell each other our strengths and weaknesses. In other words, she has not only become my best friend but she is now part of MY family.

My family sees her as a daughter and my cousins see her as family as well. I know for a fact that she will continuously be there for me because she has a great heart and she knows that I will always be there for her.

She is that friend that I know for a fact, will never walk away. I mean look at us now, both in college in different states and we still make time to talk to each other. We make sure to spend the whole summer together and still keep with our own responsibilities. This to me is the Definition of a True Friend. 

American Dream

“A record 140,000 Latinos earned a bachelor’s degree in 2010, while 112,000 Latinos earned an associate degree, also a record-setting number, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.”

The rates of Latinos that would earned a bachelor’s degree was very low back in the days, making it seem for the ones who still had a long way to get there have less hope to even get into college. However, each year more and more Latinos end up accepting a four year college education in order to get a degree and a better paying job.

Many of these students know that what is out there is not enough to have as a job. Most jobs are actually now accepting only those who are in college or have a college degree. This is one of the reasons why many are considering having a college degree and there are others who have big dreams for not only themselves but also their family’s future.

Knowing the fact that my cousin is the first one to graduate from college is a very exciting celebration in our family. She has worked so hard during her whole four years of college in order to graduate on time and to be a role model to the rest of us in the family. She is not only a role model to us in the family but also to those in our community.

She is graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts and Education Studies with Spanish. She has had some experience teaching a class in Mexico. This summer she plans to get an internship this summer in a school to help kids meet certain objectives that the school wants them to meet.Overall, she is doing what she can by taking small steps to get to where she wants to be.

I believe that Latino students should keep themselves updated on what is going on with the graduation rates in the United States and do their the best to be part of a statistic that is making a difference in the country. Not only is this a good thing for the student but also it is an accomplishment for their family. To have someone with a degree from college and doing their best to have a better living is the “American Dream” many Latinos nowadays have.

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