Taken By Media


“In one generation, girls seem to have moved from Easy-Bake to easy virtue.”-(Times Magazine, 2008)

It is quite an eye opener to see how young girls are growing up so fast. Girls are now shopping at teen stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and even Victoria’s Secret for the latest trends. Is it that media is really playing a role on this?

Well it is believed that, according to Time Magazine, “Young girls are sexually loose because they’re aping behavior they see on TV or read about in magazines.” These magazines have girls “role models” posing in clothing that may be too appealing for such a young age. As girls, we have this instinct of imitating that “role model’s” way of dressing, way of living, and sometimes way of dieting.

At the age of 14, I watched “Laguna Beach”. I immediately fell in love with Lauren Conrad and her style. I would stay updated on her clothing, her goals, and even her show, “The Hills”. Honestly, it was not a great show to watch at my age but in my household my parents never had rules over what exactly we could not watch.

However, can it be possible for parents to actually set up rules in this era to their children of what to watch and what not to? Well it can be tough. These girls now have so much other type of ways to look at this media that is quite an insoluble situation. Its not like they would block all websites, TV channels, and even phone apps from their daughters. It is just too much to do.

These girls need better role models or at least be taught when they are young that not everything they see out there is not the real deal. Sometimes they have to take step by step to get to become like their “role model”. Growing up it is a process and these young girls need to understand that.

As a sister of a 14 year old, I learn more and more about what is going on in their minds in this generation and how they take media and try to imitate it. Something I do is remind my sister that she is beautiful and not to change for anyone. A constant reminder is all they need. If truly helps them to see that their close family cares about them and it boosts up their self-esteem.

 “You are beautiful just the way you are!” The most meaningful words you can say to a young girl or just anyone in general, other than “I love you”. Let your sister, daughter, friend that they are beautiful and not to believe the media. 🙂

For advice on how to help girls with body image check this website out: http://www.webmd.com/healthy-beauty/features/helping-girls-with-body-image